Women with Cancer

Dr. Ginsberg has an area of specialization in working with women with cancer.  She works with women with all types of cancer, at all stages.  Dr. Ginsberg has a great deal of experience and knowledge about the psychological consequences and challenges of a cancer diagnosis, from the time of diagnosis, through the active treatment stage, and into the various phases of the survivorship stage.  Each of these time periods hold unique challenges and much research has been done to demonstrate that patients who receive psychosocial support services tend to manage their emotions better, have less side effects, are more compliant with treatment, and generally feel more in control of their experience.

Dr. Ginsberg is well connected to the cancer community:

  • on staff at Doylestown Hospital
  • Board of Directors of the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia (Gilda's Club)
  • Consultant and frequent speaker for Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Practitioner and frequent speaker for the Healing Consciousness Foundation
  • Frequent speaker and regular group facilitator for the Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia
  • Facilitator for the Healing Consciousness Foundation 3 day retreats for breast cancer survivors
  • Facilitator of the Metafriends support group (for women with metastatic breast cancer)
  • Teacher of continuing education programs on cancer care for other health care professionals
  • Member of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society

Dr. Ginsberg uses a variety of approaches to help women with cancer.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and utilization of community resources are all used.

If you are managing a cancer diagnosis, or have a loved one who is, please call for an appointment today. 

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